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2023 Dues $80.00


2023 Per Capita $16.00


Regarding Dues & Per Capita from President's Letter:

Dues notices will be arriving to your home shortly and must be paid by February 28th.  You can pay by scanning the QR code on the postcard or mail a check to the club. You may also pay dues in the club.  Please be sure to keep your receipt for future reference.  Dues will be $80.00 this year. The breakdown for your $80.00 dues is as follows:  $64.00 is kept for the Aurora Turner Club, $12.00 is sent to the NationalTurners and $4.00 is sent to the Illinois District Turner Club.  Thank You for your continued support.

Also, going forward, all 26-40 year members will be responsible for paying their Per Capita amount of $16.00. After reaching 41 years you will not have to pay anything and will be considered a lifetime member of American Turners. This change was instituted because of the financial stress the per capita puts on the club.  The Club now has over 600 members with 25 plus years.  This would cost the Club approximately $10,000. The Club is getting old and the equipment is starting to fail. 

The roof over the dry goods had to be replaced and the outside brickwork had to be repaired.  We have to replace our air conditioning unit this spring at a cost of over $50,000.  The contractor advised that the other unit will also have to be replaced in the near future and the gym unit will also need to be replaced.  I thank everyone who paid their per capita in the past and I thank everyone for their understanding.

Per Capita Payment Explained:

Due to a By-Laws change, all 26-40 year honorary members must pay the per capita tax of $16 ($12 to National and $4 to Illinois District) in order to maintain their membership in Aurora Turners.  With our nearly 600 25-year honorary members (one-third of the membership), it will cost Aurora nearly $10,000 each year to pay this per capita tax for you.  With rising prices, this change will help us to continue offering our members the services and amenities you have all come to expect.  We thank you for your continued support of Aurora Turners!


Sign-up rules:

  • Two Turner members in good standing must sign the application and one sponsor must be present with applicant at sign-up.
  • Sponsors must be in third year as a club member and have a (3) on membership card
  • Both Turner member sponsor and applicant must show a picture ID at sign-up.
  • Applicant must have photo taken and givent to Membership Committee.
  • REMEMBER: When you sponsor someone at sign-up, you are vouching that this person is someone you want as a member.
  • It is against Turner Club policy to loan your key card to anyone, including your spouse and/or children. Doing so could result in a loss of your membership.
  • You must sign both sides of the form to allow Turners to complete a background check for any prior felonies.


**Click HERE to view the Membership Application. Feel free to print, fill out and drop off to the Club.**

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