Our Turner Family History

From our earliest beginnings, in 1858, the Aurora Turners (a.k.a Turnverein Frisch-Auf) has been a place whose members could meet and share a common goal of friendship and lifestyle within our National motto with equal benefit for the masses and not just a privileged few.

It has always been a place shared by the youth, the parents and the elder generations with activities scheduled to include all ages, male and female.

From the distant past, when the German language was spoken, minutes of meetings were kept in German and ethnic traditions were celebrated, to our modern era the Aurora Turners have maintained a social atmosphere in which the family group continues to share gemuetlichkeit in pursuit of social, athletic and cultural functions.

The wearing apparel for female gymnasts has changed from bloomers to leotards, men are no longer required to remove hats when in the clubroom and ladies may now sit at the bar, vote and/or hold office as equal members with their male counter parts. Benefits of membership include the opportunity for college scholarships, delegates for District & National Conventions, compete in National competitions athletically or culturally, special parties and seasonal events to provide the entire family well rounded activity for all.

The diversity of activity is most apparent at the sports complex with a constant flurry of classes for various ages of our youth competing in physical activity of their choice with professional leadership and instruction. In summer months some of the activity shifts to the outdoor sports and our modern facilities make for pleasant family outings during softball, volleyball, soccer and bowling games in our pavilions and playground areas.

The Family Picnic has continued to be an annual favorite as well as monthly Family Breakfast, special dance nights and our Society meetings. On a weekly basis the Friday Fish Fry, membership drawings, bowling leagues and all-you-can-eat chicken Mondays continue to entice our members. Not to be forgotten is the daily schedule when the clubroom offers members and guests a place to meet and enjoy food and libation of choice where you are never ashamed to bring your child, sweetheart or grandmother.

This is what Aurora Turners has offered its members for more than 150 consecutive years; thru 8 wars, financial hardship, 6 different locations, good times and some not so well; all a vital part of the legacy of what makes Aurora Turners a special second home to each individual and family with the privilege of a membership.

From a beginning of 15 charter members to the current 2,800 plus the Aurora Turners has served its members, the Illinois District, the National organization and our local community well!

May it last forever!

For more history and a list of other societies in American Turners go to: www.americanturners.com.