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Perfect for any Occasion! 

Aurora Turners offers a variety of rental and catering options for your special event. 
From Baby Showers to Bridal, Birthdays, Anniversaries and Graduation, we offer packages and options to suit your needs.

We can help you plan your next special event while saving time and money, allowing you to create memories for a lifetime!

Room Rental Pricing & Information

Downstairs Rental
     Friday or Saturday     $500 Rental (For Parties NOT Catered by Aurora Turners)
                                     $500 Deposit  

                                     $300 Rental (For Parties Catered by Aurora Turners)
                                     $500 Deposit

     Sunday through Thursday      $250 Rental
                                                $250 Deposit 

Outdoor Pavilion    Rental is dependent upon season, please contact us for availability
     Saturday or Sunday       $250 Rental
$250 Deposit 

     Monday through Friday     $150 Rental
$150 Deposit 

Club Room    50 person maximum      7 Days a week, please call ahead
      $75 Deposit and a deposit in the form of the renting member's Driver's License to be held              with the bartender until the end of the event.

Funeral - Downstairs Rental    Immediate Family Member
       (Parent, Spouse, Partner, Children, Grandchildren)

      No Rental Fee     Only between the hours of Noon & 6pm
      $75 Deposit

Funeral - Downstairs Rental    Non-Immediate Family Member (Aunt, Uncle, Cousin or Friend)
      $250 Rental       Only between the hours of Noon & 6pm
      $250 Deposit


For more information & availability please contact us directly by phone at 630.859.2267 x10 or email

*Restrictions apply for outside food brought in. Prices are subject to change